“A la vanguardia de la enseñanza británica en el ámbito internacional”

Nuestra misión es proporcionar una educación británica de alta calidad, que facilite a todos nuestros alumnos una experiencia de aprendizaje transformadora.

Una enseñanza eficaz e innovadora basada en nuestros principales valores y en las últimas tendencias en la práctica educacional británica, permite a nuestros estudiantes alcanzar sus objetivos académicos y potenciar sus perspectivas futuras. Al mismo tiempo, fomentamos el talento individual y enfatizamos la importancia de una educación integral en todas las áreas de desarrollo: físico, emocional y social.

Nuestro firme propósito es marcar una diferencia positiva en el futuro de nuestros alumnos, el de sus familias y en las carreras profesionales de nuestros empleados, así como aportar nuestra contribución a la sociedad.

King’s Group has a long and distinguished history of educational leadership. British schools from as far away as Asia and Latin America look to King’s for inspiration and admire our expertise in all areas of education. Leadership is one of our real strengths. Our company vision and mission are not “beautiful dreams” but a very significant and positive reality that we can all build upon.

Sir Roger Fry CBE DLitt

Chairman and Founder, King’s Group

 Every organisation needs a clear and easily understood statement of what it wants to achieve and how it intends to achieve it. As a result of several weeks of consultation, a very exciting and productive strategy conference in Ávila and a lot of hard-work polishing and perfecting the final statements, we now have both a vision and a mission that can help everyone across the organisation work with purpose and understanding towards a common goal.  
Elena Benito
Chief Executive Officer, King’s Group

High Level
Strategic Aims

Working towards our vision depends on defining a set of realistic and easily achieveable objectives. These five aims are important checkpoints that everyone should consider when important decisions have to be made.

1) To provide a learning environment that educates and develops the independent learning skills and attitudes that build self-confidence and encourage creativity..

2) To achieve consistently outstanding educational results for all our pupils, benchmarking ourselves against the best schools in the world.

3) To ensure that our pupils reach the highest levels of fluency and confidence in their use of the English language.

4) To prepare and equip pupils for employment and the demands of the future in a rapidly changing, dynamic and diverse global environment.

5) To promote and sustain a safe, caring, but challenging culture inside and outside the classroom.