British Education

The essence of the British Education 

Over 50 years providing a world class British Education

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A British Education
creates open-minded individuals

Children learn best when they are active participants in what they are studying. At King’s we harness our pupils’ natural curiosity and engage them in varied and challenging lessons. Our objectives are not simply to ensure that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish. A British education creates open-minded, creative and well-prepared individuals. Your child will learn from first-hand experience, not just text books. They will be encouraged to be creative in their thinking and they are expected to work hard every day. Learn more about the British System

British Education:
 values in every subject

British Education

at every age

Primary (British System)

Education in the Early Years makes a tremendous contribution to a child’s future and that is why our Primary school teachers are highly trained professionals. We attract and retain teachers who are passionate about their work. The Primary school years provide the foundation for all children’s later learning. This is true for social and physical development as much as academic progress. Learn more about “Primary Education”




Secondary (British System)

As your children get older, lessons become more demanding and the children begin to focus on their preferred subjects. The greatest advantage we can give your child is a true love of learning. That may seem simplistic, but we know that your child’s future depends on learning new skills and constantly improving their understanding, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives. Learn more about “Secondary Education”

Caring for your children
and contributing to the community

We expect pupils to contribute to a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere at school and require them to demonstrate respect for adults and other pupils. In turn, we will show them respect as young learners and help them with any difficulties that they may encounter. From the very small children who come to school on a bus, to older children who join the school at IGCSE or A Level, it is important that every child feels safe and welcome.

As a multinational organisation we seek to have a positive effect on every social environment that we come in to contact with. We support the local and wider communities.