British System: Caring for your Children

Happy children become successful adults

We expect pupils to contribute to a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere at school and require them to demonstrate respect for adults and other pupils. In turn, we will show them respect as young learners and help them with any difficulties that they may encounter. From the very small children who come to school on a bus, to older children who join the school at IGCSE or A Level, it is important that every child feels safe and welcome.



From Home to a House     From the day a child starts at King’s, they are assigned to one of the four Houses. The older House members support the younger or new pupils. There are events and projects that involve friendly competition between the Houses, which builds bonds across the school years.
Making a mentor       Mentors are older pupils who are available to help younger pupils with new concepts and to help peers who are having difficulty in a particular class or subject. Teaching others helps the mentor to consolidate their learning, while helping the other pupils in their studies.
Who to contact                   For children in Infant and Junior school, the class teacher provides help and advice about academic and social development. In Secondary school, children are assigned a tutor who is responsible for academic and social welfare for a particular class. When children have to make academic choices at IGCSE, A Level and for university entrance, they get individual support and advice from our very experienced university entrance team. The senior management team are also available to discuss with you and advise you and your child on any problems or questions that you may have.


“From my very first class at King’s when I was 13, the teachers and the other pupils immediately made me feel welcome and part of the family. When the opportunity of being a mentor was available, I was glad to take part – giving back to the school community that made me feel so welcome.”
Lourdes, A Level pupil at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas 

“Since the beginning we were sure we wanted a British education for our “Spanish” children, but the moment we saw the academic results at King’s, tasted the school atmosphere and met the teachers, our choice was obvious: King’s was our school. Now we can say that our dream has come true: our children are happy, they have lovely friends and professional teachers who are challenging yet tender and always available. What more could you ask for?”
Elena García-Baquero, Parent to pupils in Yr 4 and Yr 2 at King’s College School, La Moraleja