British Education: Preparation for University

Lifetime success

As your children become young adults, study becomes more focused on particular subjects. In Year 11 pupils usually choose three or four subjects for the next phase of their studies, A Levels, which begin in Year 12. This decision will influence their choice of degree course at university. We take pride in supporting all our pupils through the exciting choices and the hard work that goes into the last two years at school.

Our reputation is built upon the success of our pupils. We are educational experts; we know how to get the very best out of your children. Becoming a young adult at the same time as working hard to learn, these years are hugely important to your child. We challenge and support pupils, so that they are able to achieve their very best academically and personally. We have the expertise to get them through the exams and the experience to guide them towards the ideal university for their future.

Top universities increasingly look at the whole person, not just exam results. We know how to inspire and develop the passions and interests of children outside the curriculum. We have a team of expert teachers who keep up to date with the different requirements of universities around the world. So we know what universities as far away as New York, Australia and Abu Dhabi demand from pupils, as well as universities in the UK and Spain.

At King’s the children get the best of British and Spanish and can use that education to go to university in Spain, the UK or anywhere.

— Soto de Viñuelas, Parent of a Year 9 child at King’s College

With the support and guidance of an excellent career advisor, I secured my first choice of university. Leaving King’s with an excellent set of A Levels thanks to the passionate, dedicated and motivated teachers who were the foundation stones of my future.

— Krisha, Former Head Girl at King’s College Alicante, now studying Chinese and History at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London