Start thinking early.

Education in the Early Years makes a tremendous contribution to a child’s future and that is why our Primary school teachers are highly trained professionals. We attract and retain teachers who are passionate about their work. The Primary school years provide the foundation for all children’s later learning. This is true for social and physical development as much as academic progress.

From the start, we consider how different children learn so that all of them get the best possible opportunity to do their best and we can help those who need it, to learn difficult concepts in a rewarding and memorable way. It is so important for the very young to find learning fun – once they get that sense of accomplishment, it stays with them throughout their learning life.

— Mrs Parkinson, Head of Primary at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas

Our main aim is to advance every child to their potential, instilling in them a love of learning that will last throughout their journey through school and beyond. We pride ourselves on supporting each child as an individual, helping them to make a positive contribution not only to the school community, but to the wider world too.

— Katie Quinn, Lower School Leader King’s College School, La Moraleja

We made an excellent choice enrolling our children in King’s College. The children go to school very happy every day and we are positive that their academic and intellectual proficiency is already guaranteed in the light of how quickly they are learning.

— Carlos Losana and Marieta Piqueras, Parents of two children at King’s College Murcia in Reception and Pre-Nursery.