Concentration and inspiration.

As your children get older, lessons become more demanding and the children begin to focus on their preferred subjects. The greatest advantage we can give your child is a true love of learning. That may seem simplistic, but we know that your child’s future depends on learning new skills and constantly improving their understanding, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives.

Of course our job is to see that your children do as well as possible at school, but I really see my job as a coach and a mentor – guiding the children to think for themselves and to learn from their failures as well as their successes.

— Mr Parkinson, Head of Secondary at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas

The teachers are very kind, they help you if you have difficult problems. I love Secondary school, I am learning so much.

— Jorge, Year 7 pupil, King’s College Alicante

The lessons in the Secondary department at King’s are challenging and thought-provoking. Since being at the school I have made great progress with my studies. I love the hands-on learning opportunities and the caring and supportive teachers.

— Daniele, Year 7 Pupil, King’s College Panama